Millicent Ann Keagy (9/25/1929 to 2/17/2011)

Don’t Forget me

I can’t imagine never seeing you again
Not asking how soon or when
Just if you get some time to spend
Don’t Forget me

Yesterday was only ours
Well all that is past
Today is bright, somehow larger
But still I don’t want to ask
Don’t Forget me
Millicent (Tess) Keagy 6/21/1977

The above was one of Mother’s writings discovered when searching through her papers and seems appropriate on this occasion. She is survived by daughters Electra and Lisa Taranto, sons Marc and Michael Keagy and sisters Jill Day and Karen Hector.

One message from a life long friend sums up her spirit:

“We were two misfits in a small mid-west town—two black sheep searching for what we never lost—entertaining ourselves with stories of times when we were gypsies, me dancing bare-foot in the sand to strains from your wild violin music, and laughing…”

Your unique presence will be missed.
Love, Love, Love

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  • I miss Tess. She was my best friend for many years… most notably from 1987 to the mid ’90s. She was there for me as a true friend for all my life’s trials and tribulations… she was – and is, a true friend, and I will remember and honor her memory and gift of friendship forever. Thank you Tess. With Love.

  • Kimberly Kresge Peterson
    April 1, 2021 4:08 am

    Tess is unforgettable she has a place in my hear forever . Her love and support for our whole family. Her friendship was true. Her and my dad are probably playing music forming a new band in heaven or perhaps they are still talking philosophy. I definitely know she had an influence on my success.

  • Children and Family of Millicent Keagy,
    I tried and tried to find your Mother. I am the cousin of her first husband, but I was a very young child the only time I saw “Beautiful Millicent.” I wanted her to know that I loved her all these years. I am sad that I did not find her before she left for her Heavenly Home.
    Cyndi Thomas Snokhous; China Spring, TX

  • a very special person a special light for some of us. i think of her often…


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