Anna Louise Price Hunsaker

Anna Louise Price Hunsaker was born on April 12, 1947 in Cottonwood, Arizona to Henry Clyde and Eleanor Lois Price.  Anna was raised in Flagstaff, AZ and attended Flagstaff High School, graduating in 1965.  She then attended Arizona State University and, later Brigham Young University.  She was also on the university administration staff as secretary to the university treasurer.  It was while at BYU that she met her future husband, Richard E. Hunsaker.  They courted during the fall and spring of 1969-1970 and were married on June 2, 1970 in the Los Angeles LDS Temple.  During the course of their 50+ year marriage, Anna raised 5 children in Utah, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida and Nevada.  It was in those locations that Anna bloomed where she was planted.  She raised a family and performed compassionate service to those in need.  She also supported her husband, as an executive with a major corporation.  She accompanied him on numerous trade business meetings, where she rubbed shoulders with the top executives of drug wholesalers and drug store chains.  She ingratiated herself with those whom she came in contact, with her down to earth attitude.  And, as a mother of 5, she became of favorite of many of the attendees, who never forgot that energetic redhead at their dinner table, entertaining them with stories of her family.  Anna was active in the LDS Church and served in several capacities in leadership and teaching.  Her influence was felt within that group, as well as she worked in vastly different locations.   She was always accepted and well received.  With her husband, she was able to travel most all of the U.S. along with Mexico, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Monte Carlo and Spain.  She is preceded in death by her parents and is survived by her husband, her children Ginger Stock (TJ), Bradley, Whitney Gould (James) Kyle (Sara) and Ross.  She is also survived by her 10 grandchildren: Taylor, Grayson, Chelsey, Wesley, Stephen, Adriana, Sarah, Braden, Landon and Hannah.  Anna (Granna to her grand-children) will be greatly missed by all.

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