Avoiding The Wrong Cremation Urn

cremation services in Reno, NV

There are lots of options to consider around cremation services in Reno, NV and you will want to think them through, even after you get the cremation package for your loved one and know that their immediate needs are met. If families are going to add anything to the cremation package, it’s usually an urn. The urn can be customized in any way and you can get something that suits your needs, your budget, and your loved one’s style. Here are a few things that might be wrong about the urn and how you can avoid getting the wrong thing.

Getting Something Too Costly

It’s smart to get something within your budget so you know you can afford it and the rest of the things you want for your loved one’s final services. The most important thing to budget for is the cremation package so your loved one’s needs are met. After that, you can budget the urn and the rest of the memorial service. If you get an urn that costs too much, you might have to cut something out of the memorial that you really wanted for them. Set a budget and stick to is since there are tons of urns in different cost ranges that can fit your needs.

Choosing The Wrong Size

Your loved one was a certain height and weight. If you were to have gone with a traditional funeral, you would need a casket of a certain size for those services. However, there are different urn sizes as well. If you decide on cremation, you have to get an urn that is the right size, just as you would need the right casket size. If you choose an urn without knowing about sizing, you could end up with remains that are excess that don’t fit into the urn. What do you do with those? Ask the cremation provider what size you need and they can give you advice from there.

Getting Something That Doesn’t Function Wellcremation services in Reno, NV

You want to disperse your loved one’s remains into a body of water, but you got a metal urn. You cast that urn out into the water…and it sinks. But your loved one’s remains stay in the urn. You got an urn that doesn’t function in the right way. Instead, you might have gotten a biodegradable urn that dissolves in water. You can place that in the water and watch it float off and sink. The urn will then dissolve and your loved one’s ashes will disperse. You have not polluted the water in any way. Remember the functions you want when you consider the urn so you can match up what you need with the urns in question.

If you have cremation services in Reno, NV for a loved one, you need a cremation package first. Then, you can think about the urn and the professionals at La Paloma Funeral Services are here to help. We will tell you what size you need and show you examples. You can get an urn from any vendor and we will use it.

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