Bea Lorraine Laughlin

                                                                     Bea Lorraine Laughlin                                                                         10/10/1953 – 9/2/2020

After fighting the good fight against cancer, multiple injuries, gallbladder complications, and unimaginable pain, Bea Lorraine Laughlin graduated to her eternal reward on September 2, 2020. Her husband of 42 years, Gary ‘Goofy’ Laughlin, welcomed her into heaven with a warm embrace and ushered her to their mansion. Her daughter, Airaka ‘Puddin’ Head’ Laughlin, Son, William Bento, Grandsons, Brandon and Nathaniel Bento, Granddaughter, Isabelle Bento, Grandfurkids, Puckly (Black Cat), Chloe (Black Lab), & Sokka (German Shepherd) survive her. Also surviving her are her: Sisters, Edith Luney Frey & Susan Shinpaugh, Nieces, Great Nieces, Nephews, Great Nephews, many more family and friends too numerous to list. Bea loved her family and Jesus until her last breath. Even though her last 5 months were filled with pain, she never lost her fight to live, laugh, and love. While her last months were a trial, she was blessed to live with her Daughter, Son-in-Law, Grandkids, and Grandfurkids. She often said that she wanted to keep her favorite Grandfurkid, Puckly. Airaka told her that wasn’t possible because Puckly said she was already keeping her Grandma. During her illness she had the chance to get close to the whole family and came to love each of them greatly. She will be greatly missed for her knowledge of the Bible and Law, but mostly she will be missed for her sass, whit, sarcasm, and humor. Bea loved taking care of everyone that she loved. She spent a number of tireless years being Gary’s caregiver without complaint. She was the best homemaker; making sure her home reflected the love she had for all that were lucky enough to live within the same walls as her. She also loved to travel & was planning trips from her hospital bed days before she left for heaven. Her family plans to take these trips in her memory. Bea would have been pleased to know that she was buried on September 22, her and Gary’s 47th Wedding Anniversary. The family even suspects that she may have arranged this with the Lord’s help. Heaven and all those that went before her, of whom she greatly missed of late, wrapped her in their loving arms and said, ‘Welcome Home’. Although she is home, she will be greatly missed by those who loved and knew her. The world has lost a burning bright light and will never be the same again.

In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be sent to:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


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  • I know you wish you had more time but she’ll be right beside you and all you have to do is smile and say I Love You Mom.

  • My Baby Sister Beeb’s Gone But Never Forgotten I’ll Love You Throughout Eternity RIH Until We Meet Again

  • Sheryl Villaverde-Tellez
    September 10, 2020 2:44 pm

    My Aunt Bea was such a beautiful person inside and out I’ve been remembering back when I was a lil girl My Aunt Bea would take me to the High School right across the street from my Grandma and Grandpa’s to play in the Hallways chasing each other playing hide-and-go Seek. She and my Uncle Gary would watch me all the time and my favorite food was cherry poptarts and she would have them there for me everyday love my memories with both of my Aunt and Uncle love you Aunt Bea and Uncle Gary TIL we meet again keep a seat warm for me please. Also tell my mommy and my daddy I said hi and will be seeing them to love all that are in heaven RIP my loves

  • Your love for the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit was inspiring. We were blessed with many wonderful times together.

    You ran the good race and now you have received your reward – eternity in His Presence with your loved ones surrounding you.

    We will meet again. I look forward to that time.

    Thank you for always being you and standing strong in the faith.



  • Airaka Laughlin
    September 13, 2020 7:35 pm

    My beautiful Momma. I just searched for this via Google and I still can’t believe it’s true. You’re really gone. You left me to be reunited with the love of your life, my Papa. I can’t imagine the rest of my life without you, so I won’t, because you and Daddy will always be in my heart. I am so grateful that I got to spend the last 5 months of your life with you. I do find myself wishing that we had said NO to a lot of the doctor appts and treatments. We really should have just ran away like you wanted; went to the beautiful coast that you loved. I found myself scrambling to cram in as much as I could when I knew you were getting close to your home going. I read about others in similar situations as ours, performing informal commitment ceremonies, to include their loved one who would not make it to the actual wedding ceremony. And so we did it. For you. It was simple, sweet, and a complete joy to do for you. Because we never made it to the coast, I looked on YouTube and found hours of Pacific Coast footage for you to watch near your bedside. I figured if I couldn’t bring you to the coast that I would bring the coast to you. On September 2, I knew you were very close and expected that you would be in heaven soon. I knew how much you missed your hunny and I wanted you to feel pretty when you met him there in heaven. So we did your makeup and fixed your hair and put it in your fun cap that you loved. Then I thought that maybe a nice pedicure was in order. I used a special bootie with a conditioning mask, clipped, filed, and put on some pretty nail strips. As I was preparing your feet, I couldn’t help but think of the Bible, and how many before me had prepared their loved ones for burial in similar ways. I knew you were waiting for something. I knew I had said everything but you still lingered. After you passed I discovered that you were waiting to talk to my love, Will. He said that he spoke to you an hour before you passed, promising you that I wouldn’t be alone and that he and the kids loved me and would take care of me. That is what you needed. Today and every day I am amazed by the love you had for me. You hung on for days in pain just to make sure I would be okay. That love and devotion and presence will be more than missed. My sweet Mommy, how I will miss you until my last day on this earth. You will never know how much I loved you or how much I would have sacrificed to have your miracle be here on earth with us. But God and Dad had other plans for you and I am so happy for you that they did. You were there when I took my first breathe and I was there when you took your last. It was a sweet release, that last breathe. One of peace and joy. I knew in that very moment you were in heaven, rejoicing and dancing with Papa. I love you Mom. I will never stop. Until we meet again my beautiful angel.


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