Catherine Laura Romeo

received_1292697450763665ROMEO, Laura Catherine, age 58, of Las Vegas, Nevada, passed away on September 27, 2016. Born in Arlington, Virginia on October 6, 1957, but grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. At age 21, Laura began working in the gaming industry, starting as a change girl at the Silver City Casino. She continued in the gaming industry in Las Vegas, having worked at the Palace Station, Barbary Coast and the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino. Laura excelled in the gaming industry, making such a huge impact during her several years of employment at the Gold Coast, that in 1993, she was one of very few people invited to take her gaming knowledge and work expertise across the country to the state of Illinois, for a life changing career opportunity to help open the new riverboat casino, called the Casino Queen, where she worked until 1999.

After putting in over 25 years in the gaming industry, Laura moved back to Las Vegas in 1999 to do what she loved most, be with her family. Laura was a born again Christian who was always in touch with her spiritual relationship with the Lord. It was always her great pleasure to help anyone in need, in any way she could. She was always a blessing and touched the hearts of everyone she came into contact with. Preceded in death by her father, Alvin Martin and her husband, Richard Romeo. She is survived by her mother, Mary Wilkerson, her 2 children, Brandie Schnobrich and Jeremy Filmer, her 2 brothers, David Martin and Richard Chapman, her sister Leanne Martin, her granddaughter, Jordyn Filmer, her 2 nephews, Daniel Walsh and Christopher Martin, her 2 nieces, Brittany Broder and Courtney Ashe and lots of extended family and friends.

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  • Christopher Martin
    October 21, 2016 12:08 pm

    I love you Laura ♥ Miss you soooooo much. Can’t wait to see you again… That “One Sweet Day”

  • Amendment,Olivia Shworles,Grandaughter to Laura Romeo through her son,Jeremy Filmer

  • I still can’t believe that you have stepped on forward in the walk we all must take, and the price we pay in order to have lived together in a time of wonderful experiences (whether or not we truly live out a full existence) are those whom cannot be replaced. So sorry to your grieving family. I’ll never forget you Lala.

  • It will be 3yrs since your passing in 4 days. You’d think it would get easier living without you but, I miss you more today than ever have. I miss your voice, I miss your smell, I miss your unconditional, selfless love. You were my reason, my strength, my guidance, your were my best friend. I miss the way you always knew the right words to say, to your hard-headed, know -it-all daughter. I miss the way you made me laugh, I miss the way you kept me grounded, I miss your hugs, I just miss my Momma.

  • Richard green
    October 5, 2022 6:45 am

    Man its crazy to me u michelle evergone i think about u so much happy early bday by tha way and lala i know u know better then anyone ur tha only one that nvr doubted me u just rode i know where she gets it from but u know i love her lala i promise i love her with all my heart i wish she wasnt so damn hard headed lol just thinking about u i miss tha hell outta ya tell babymomma an d an everyone i said hey love u lala see ya soon


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