Charles Davis

Charles Davis was a man of many facets. He began as an awkward young boy and quickly transformed into a wise man. As a father and friend, he was a pillar of support and a rock to ground those around him. As a grandfather, he was a teddy bear filled with impeccable morals and infallible advice that strived to push the new generation of his family into the future. In every era of his life, he acted as a sun for others to bask in and grow under.

Everything he did in his life was for others, either as direct help or as a fantastic example of how to act in this strange world. The people left on earth in his absence will spread the word of his greatness. His passing will not be a sad one. Charles once said, “Don’t mourn my death. Celebrate, because I lived a great life.” His family, his friends, his world, will be celebrating. We will celebrate his kindness, we will celebrate his intelligence, we will celebrate his soul. We will celebrate Charles Davis.

Charles is survived by his son, Charlie Davis, his daughter, Betty Davis, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, two brothers and one sister.

Memorial Service will be held on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at La Paloma Funeral Services at 11:00am.

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