Diane (Dee Dee) Marie Durler Thompson

After a lifetime struggle with the effects of her congenital heart, Diane (Dee Dee) Marie Durler Thompson passed away May 29, 2018. She was surrounded by her family and loved ones and passed on in comfort and with the excellent care of the Renown Hospital ICU in cooperation with her l longtime cardiologist Dr Elyse Foster and her current cardiologist Dr Joseph Ludwick. She is survived by her adopted son Jeremy, her ex-husband Bruce, her sister Sheri Durler Thompson and her parents Edward and Sherry Durler. Dee Dee was a loving and thoughtful joy to all she touched, never a negative thought or word, always the optimist. She was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and a staunch defender of family values. Her leadership saw Jeremy through 12 years of Christian value education and on to graduate from college. From the day she graduated from Presentation Highschool, she was a worker, no disability assistance would she accept. Throughout her working career she developed skills and talent as an administrative assistant. Her medical struggle took a positive turn in 1980 when she underwent corrective open heart surgery at UCSF. Her life and future blossomed after the surgery for many years.  Her last few working years was as an executive assistant in the marketing group of Nortrup Grumman Aerospace Corp. Dee Dee was a genious in the kitchen. Her knowledge of the art of fine gourmet cooking that met her strict dietary limitations was a significant factor in her longevity. Those who had the privilege to enjoy her creations will hold those moments fondly. Dee Dee was a gifted artist specializing in porcelain painting. She leaves us with many examples of her painting skills. Piano playing was her relaxation when her many duties of home keeping took a pause. She was the oldest person alive in the world with the congenital defect referred to as Single Ventricle with Great Vessel Arrangement of Congenitally Corrected Transposition, by many years. This condition is also known as the Tetralogy of Fallot. She was an inspiration to all around her, especially the cardiologists. There was no parallel to her tenacity and sheer will to live, love and serve. A memorial service is scheduled for 4:30 PM July 7, 2018 at Bernal Church, 160 Bernal Road, San Jose, CA 95139. Please direct any tributes to the American Heart Association.

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  • To the families and loved ones of Mrs. Thompson, who we know will be dearly missed. Almighty God promised at Revelation 21:4 that he will wipe away all our tears. And death, pain, and sorrow will be no more. So, you can take great comfort from drawing close to God in prayer. And he will sustain and help support your families to endure. During these difficult times and in the months to follow. My deepest condolences to all your loved ones.

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