La Paloma Funeral Services

La Paloma Funeral Services focuses on attention to detail, courtesy, and respect for the families and the deceased loved ones that pass through its home. You can count on the funeral planning staff to treat your cremation or funeral with the utmost respect. The team is well-versed in serving families from all backgrounds, cultures, traditions, and languages. They specialize in shipping to Latin America and the Philippines but can also help with worldwide shipping and repatriation. In addition, the funeral planning team can grant any special requests, including military honors, veteran services, grief resources, and ship-out services.

There are items to purchase with all funerals or cremations like a casket, urn, memorial, or vault. You can also be sure your loved ones military honors or veteran services will be accommodated appropriately. In addition to a funeral or memorial, you can choose a more casual option in a Life Celebration. This party-like gathering paints a picture of the persons life with hobby displays, favorite sports memorabilia, and music playing.