Francis Hunt Sr.


August 13, 1986- September 29, 2016

Francis Hunt was born in La Mesa, Ca on August 13, 1986. He was the second born to Jeff & Suni Hunt.  It was Fabian, Francis, Jeffery, & James.  ‘Dem Hunt boyz’ His brothers were his first loves, like no other, he would protect them all.   In 1989 they moved to Reno.  Francis played pop warner football for the sparks patriots for 3 years which then became the game he loved and played throughout his life.  The men he shared the field with became his brothers.  If you knew Francis, you knew he loved football.

Francis had 4 great loves in his life, Diana Sawyer, his heart.  His three beautiful children, Francis James Hunt JR, Jazmine Anaiya Hunt & Lovely Ann Hunt.      He never missed a practice be it for football or ballet….he was the girl’s rock.  Saturdays were breakfast made by dad & cartoons and an occasional dance off in the living room. Francis loved family. His favorite moments were spent at the dinner table, all smiles, making the girls laugh.   

There are many things we think of when we think of Francis.  He always had a positive attitude. His generosity was unsurpassed; he made sure he took care of people no matter what their stature in this life.  If you needed, he gave and he gave until it hurt.  He was kind.  He was strong. He was Stubborn.

Francis is survived by Diana Sawyer, the love of his life.  His three daughters, Francis, Jasmine, and Lovely.   Sunseria Hunt (mother) Jeffery Hunt ( father) Anna McCormick, brothers, Fabien Hunt, Jeffery Hunt, James Hunt, Troy Moore, and Jeremiah Hunt.  Sisters, Canda Sargent, Vanessa Hunt, Madison Hunt.  Grandmother-Fransealon Valentine,  Lillie Hunt, Jean Covington, Grandfather-James Hunt, and several Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

Francis, we remember you by heart….

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