Various Service Options Offered for Funeral Home and Cremations in Henderson, NV

La Paloma Funeral Services is a provider of affordable funeral and cremation services in Henderson, NV and surrounding areas. We have been locally-owned and operated for 15 years and always pride ourselves on the excellence and quality of our services. Our supportive and caring staff are always available to assist you any time with exceptional attention to detail during your time of need. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with large rooms that promote healing and serenity. Call us today at (702) 732-7070 or (702) 935-7900 for all your funeral and cremation needs.

Henderson, NV Funeral Home And CremationsAt La Paloma Funeral Services, we understand that there are unique needs when it comes to planning for a funeral home and cremations in Henderson, NV. Our compassionate funeral advisors are trained to work with the next of kin to co-create final arrangements that will help you honorably lay your loved one to rest. There are many things to think about and decisions to make when a loved one dies. Working with our highly regarded personnel will do so much to ease your burden at this time. Be assured that we have all the details in hand.

There are a variety of services offered that may be chosen. We offer basic to premium service packages for cremation and funeral needs. The more services that are performed, the higher the cost of services will be. Our transparent pricing is something we feel very strongly about. We want you to understand what you are getting and what you can expect to pay us when you retain these services.

Funeral services can be simple or elaborate. Custom funeral planning can make your event feel unique and memorable. For accommodating the need to have the body present, the funeral events should be scheduled as soon as possible after the death date. If more time is needed to plan and prepare a service, consider an alternate event that does not need to have the body of the deceased present.

Memorial or celebration of life services is such an alternative. These types of services are typically less formal than a funeral but every bit as meaningful. Generally speaking, the body of the deceased is not present for these types of events. However, if cremation has been chosen to care for the needs of the body, the cremated ashes might be at this service. In fact, if a scattering service is to be held, this can be an excellent time to do it. These meetings work very well when centered around the themes or interests of the deceased.

Cremation services have become more widely available and have grown in popularity over the last several decades. The cremation process is a means to handle the deceased remains to prepare them for the final resting place. The cremation will change the dead body into a number of granular particles.

This change occurs by exposing the remains to extreme temperatures in a secure chamber until they are burned down to bone fragments. The fragments are collected and ground to a powdery, granular substance we refer to as ashes or cremated remains. If desired, a funeral home and cremations in Henderson, NV, may be arranged for the same individual.

Special Circumstances Surrounding Funeral Home and Cremations in Henderson, NV

There are special circumstances that are sometimes applied in certain situations. We’ll highlight just a few here:

Tissue Donation: Another alternative to a funeral is whole body donation. Some people feel very interested in donating their bodies to science for medical and other research purposes. This is a very generous gift that is not treated lightly. Once the program is completed with this specific donation, cremation will take place with the remains. Most tissue donation programs cover the costs of this need. Then, the ashes are returned to the next of kin to be laid to rest as desired.

Shipping: Unfortunately, there are times when death occurs away from home. When a deceased person needs to be transferred across state lines or internationally, some laws need to be followed, and La Paloma Funeral Services is especially adept at providing for this need. We have a great deal of experience with repatriation to Latin America and the Philippines but can help with this process for any destination. Additionally, if a person needs to be brought back to this area, we can coordinate to be on the receiving end of that service as well.

Pre-Planning: If pre-arrangements have been made for a deceased person, the plans will be brought to the arrangement conference. Some plans are very specific, and some are more general. We will work carefully with the next of kin and the recorded plan to merge the needs and wishes of both.

Having a pre-need plan is an excellent help to the grieving family for many reasons. There are many decisions that need to be made; knowing the deceased’s wishes can be a significant relief. Plans that have been paid for in advance also can relieve an additional layer of stress related to the final arrangements. Pre-payment also results in savings since the price that is paid was locked in at an earlier date.

Call for Compassionate and Competent Help

If you find yourself facing a sudden or expected loss, we understand how difficult death can be. Please call the compassionate professionals at La Paloma Funeral Services for all of your needs surrounding funeral home and cremations in Henderson, NV.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is the service called when someone is cremated?
A memorial ceremony is simply a funeral service that does not include the presence of the deceased person’s body. The cremation normally takes place a day or two after the death, and the memorial service follows a few weeks or months afterward. Learn more about cremation service.


How much does a funeral cost in Nevada?
According to collected data from funeral homes around the state, the average cost of a funeral in Nevada is $7,399 dollars. The cost of a funeral can vary greatly based on your city, service provider, and elected officials. Learn more about funeral cost.


What is transporting a dead body called?
Most people imagine a black hearse with tinted, curtained windows ferrying loved ones to their final resting place when it comes to carrying the dead. However, before that final, solemn drive, remains may go from a deathbed to a coroner’s office to a funeral home. Learn more about worldwide shipping.