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La Paloma Funeral Services is a compassionate funeral home that provides funeral and cremation services to Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas. We are a locally-owned and operated funeral home that has served thousands of families since 2006 with quality service. During your time of grief, we are uniquely suited to provide real understanding and compassion, exceptional attention to detail, and deep respect to your family. We are aware and respectful of our community’s different languages, faiths, and cultural traditions. Call us today at (702) 732-7070 or (702) 935-7900.

Las Vegas, NV Funeral Home And CremationsThe caring and professional staff at La Paloma Funeral Services understand that your needs surrounding funeral home and cremations in Las Vegas, NV should be carefully considered. Our directors and staff know how to interface with grief-stricken individuals in a compassionate way without adding to the overwhelm you may feel. We understand the vulnerable position you are in with many decisions to make. Our experts hope that you will allow us to ease your burden by letting us handle as many details as possible for you.

Choosing from the menu of services needs a thoughtful approach, but it need not take a long time. Our advisors are ready to answer your questions and help you understand what our packages entail and how we can meet your needs for the best price possible. We aim to be very up-front about our pricing to avoid misunderstandings or surprise charges on the back end of things. From basic to premium services, there are several layers within our differing funerary and death care solutions.

A common practice in many cultures is a full funeral service. Various traditions and religious perspectives can be accommodated throughout the funeral events as needed. Funerals could also be less formal and traditional if desired. We love to help our clients customize in unique ways. This makes the honoring events we support a beautiful and memorable goodbye. Funeral services tend to be scheduled as soon as possible after death, owing to the need to care for the remains directly after the funeral events.

An alternative to funeral services could be a memorial or life celebration event. These styles of services can be much more flexible when it comes to scheduling since the body will have already been taken care of before the event occurs. Cremated remains could be part of this service, including the final placement of those remains if desired. Centering memorial events around activities that were enjoyed by the departed can be very touching.

Understanding more about cremation services may help you know if this is an appropriate option for your situation. Cremation services have grown in frequency. Some of the reasons for this are environmental concerns with the burial process of casketed remains. Cremation is often less expensive than casket burial and embalming since there are fewer services to pay for. Every procedure is handled in accordance with required regulations and protocols to enhance security.

If a funeral home and cremations in Las Vegas, NV, are both wanted for the same individual, that is easily arranged. The cremation should be scheduled after the funeral. Cremations take the intact deceased remains and reduce them through flames. The particles that are left at the end of the processing are collected and returned to the family for final disposition. Many people find they like the flexibility of options for final placement with cremated remains. From the display, scattering, burial, or other creative solutions, there are many possibilities.

Unique Situations Around Funeral Home and Cremations in Las Vegas, NV

Some situations arise that you may not be sure how to handle. Discussing any of your concerns with your qualified funeral director from La Paloma Funeral Services will help to put your mind at ease. Here are a few examples of unusual circumstances that we are prepared to help you navigate if it applies:

Body Donation Programs: If there is an interest in donating the deceased remains for scientific and/or medical school research and learning purposes, there are programs to help you. We only work with reputable programs that hold the highest ethics and respect for this most generous gift. The program will cover the costs of cremation for your loved one after the fulfillment of the donation is completed. You will then receive the cremated ashes of your departed at that later time.

Transportation and Shipping: It happens. Death can occur in a locale away from home. In this situation, some laws and regulations must be followed to bring your loved one across state lines or international borders. La Paloma has expertise in this area, with a lot of experience working with Latin American countries and the Philippines in the process of repatriation.

Working With Pre-Planned Arrangements: If your loved one made arrangements with us prior to their death, we would spend time working with the closest family members to implement the plan and accommodate the bereaved family’s needs. It is important to us that we find ways to respect the wishes of the departed and create a service that will help the grieved find a path to peace.

Partner With Compassionate Professionalism

As you undertake the arrangements for funeral home and cremations in Las Vegas, NV, don’t hesitate to connect with the highly trained and professional staff at La Paloma Funeral Services. With compassion and competency, we are prepared to help you in every way.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What’s included in a funeral package?
The average cost of a funeral with cremation is $6,000 to $7,000. With this service, you can get viewing and burial services as well as basic fees for transporting the remains to a funeral home where they will be prepared in various ways including embalming. Remember that not all funerals include cemetery expenses or monuments so these are things worth considering when looking at your budget if you wish such an expense included. Learn more about funeral package.


Why should you preplan your funeral?
You can ensure that your family is not financially burdened by pre-funding your funeral plans. Preplanning also allows you to weigh all of your options and find the greatest discounts. Without preparation ahead of time, family members may be forced to make rash financial decisions that lead to overspending. Know more about funeral preplanning.


Is cremation a substitute for a funeral?
Cremation is frequently regarded as a less expensive and less difficult alternative to a “traditional” funeral. Many people also assume that there are only two options available at the time of death: quick cremation or a full funeral with viewing and burial. Learn more.