Different Service Styles to Honor the Deceased With Funeral Home and Cremations in Reno, NV

We are one of the best funeral homes that provide affordable funeral and cremation services in Reno, NV and nearby areas. Locally owned and operated since 2006, La Paloma Funeral Services is uniquely qualified to serve the families in the community with dignity and quality service. Our staff is available at any time and will assist you with genuine empathy and compassion, meticulous attention to detail, and profound respect during your time of bereavement. Give us a call today at (775) 827-3700 for all your funeral and cremation needs.

Reno, NV Funeral Home And CremationsEvery person who has ever lived has a unique story and life. When you are making the final arrangements for funeral home and cremations in Reno, NV, for a departed loved one, it can be very healing to find a way to convey that unique story as you say goodbye. The team of funerary experts associated with La Paloma Funeral Services knows that these individual needs matter. So as you take on the planning and decisions that lay before you, these top industry professionals are standing by to help you down to the littlest detail.

Selecting services with our caring funeral advisors will help to simplify and guide you to find solutions you feel peaceful about. Our service packages have basic and premium features to accommodate a variety of needs and price points. When it comes to costs associated with death care needs, we feel it is imperative that you have clear outlines of our pricing as you make these decisions.

Funeral services are still a very relevant style of honoring service that is utilized to lay a family member to rest. If tradition or religious culture is a strong presence in the life of the departed or your family, this can be an especially great option. Funerals can be very non-traditional, though, so don’t rule this out if you want something more modern. We specialize in custom funerals to reflect the individuality of the deceased and their family. Funerals can go a long way to provide a sense of closure and acceptance to put the bereaved on a healing path.

Memorial or celebratory life events can be very moving and honoring as well. Most often, these events are held after the body has been cared for. This means that the event could have more planning time. A more advanced schedule could mean more distant family and friends can make the trip to honor this person.

Cremation services are not an event that honors the deceased’s memory but are always handled in a humane and respectful way. Cremation is a form of caring for the body that changes the intact state to the reduced form of tiny bone fragments called ashes. Cremations can be attached to honoring services or be retained as a stand-alone service. Pairing funeral home and cremations in Reno, NV, for the same individual is an option that works well for many families who want the benefits of both services.

Cremated remains can be displayed at home in an urn. Jewelry and other keepsakes could be used to hold a small portion of the ashes. Scattering the ashes in a special place is a common practice that can occur with the appropriate permissions. It is also possible to bury cremated ashes in an urn plot at a cemetery. Above-ground entombment of cremated remains is usually installed in a columbarium niche.

Accommodating Other Circumstances With Funeral Home and Cremations in Reno, NV

There are some services that we offer in certain circumstances as they apply. Here are just a few examples of those kinds of situations:

Whole Body Donation: If there is a desire to donate the whole body to science or medical training needs, we have some outstanding programs to recommend. After the donation has been fully received and the work completed, the body will receive a proper cremation. The program will handle the cremation costs, and the family is able to receive these remains back for final disposition.

Shipping Needs: When a death occurs in a location that is not where final arrangements will take place, transportation of the deceased will need to happen. However, this legally must be completed through authorized channels. Funeral homes and directors have the necessary credentials and licenses to fulfill this need. The work of bringing a body back to their country of origin or home state is an honor to be part of.

Planning Services From Pre-Arrangements: We meet regularly with patrons who are taking the planning of their own future services in hand before they are needed. This is an excellent idea because the family will know the final wishes instead of needing to guess. Additionally, if pre-payment for these arrangements has been handled, the financial strain at this passing will be lessened for remaining family members.

So let’s say your loved one did all of this before their death. When you come to us for the arrangement conference, we will pull out the pre-arranged plan. We’ll work with you to make sure the services will fulfill your departed’s wishes and serve the needs of you and your grieving loved ones.

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Suppose you need to make these arrangements for funeral and cremation in Reno, NV. In that case, the funeral advisors at La Paloma Funeral Services are ready to assist you in every possible way.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is a personalized funeral?
Personalizing an end-of-life celebration or funeral allows you to pour your love and grief into something that is important for both yourself, those who loved the person who’s died. It also gives a chance to create a service that reflects everything beautiful about their life in one gathering place. Learn more about personalized funerals.


How does a funeral home work with a coroner?
Following the family’s selection of a funeral home, the coroner contacts the funeral home. Only unplanned fatalities, such as killings, suicides, or suspicious deaths, are investigated by coroners. The funeral home will then make the necessary arrangements and informed the family that their loved one is now in their care. Learn more about La Paloma Funeral Services.


Is planning a funeral hard?
When arranging a funeral in a limited amount of time, it might be tough to make it the best it can be. You want your last wishes to be carried out. You can explicitly indicate your wishes for the disposition of your remains and the type of your funeral services in your funeral plan. Learn more about funeral planning seminars.