Heather Sue Holland

Photo - S HollandOn May 11th 2016, Heather S. Holland passed away at Renown Medical Center. She leaves behind her son, Dawson Gonzales and many friends & family. Heather wouldn’t want us to be sad, she would want everyone to make sure her legacy and her kind heart would go on, through all of us. And make sure everyone she touched would share the love and passion she had for helping others continued. Heather never put herself before anyone. Dawsun lost not only his mom but a best friend. She would want everyone who knew and loved him to continue loving him for her. She will be missed everyday but she will never be forgotten.

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  • Death breaks into our lives with such force and deprives us of our dead loved ones. The grief that is caused by Heather’s death is indescribable. Now wonder the Bible calls death an enemy. ( 1 Corinthians 15:26) Jesus tells us to look forward to the time when those in the memorial tombs hear his voice and come out to a resurrection of life. ( John 5:28) This is a comforting hope to sustain you during this difficult time. In the meantime may the fond memories of Heather comfort you and may God grant you the ability to endure.


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