J Howard White

20150720_132546-1J Howard White, after a long & fruitful life of 88 years, passed away Dec. 7, 2015.  He was born in Whick, KY  July 10, 1927.  He is survived by his wife of almost 68 years, Betty Peters, son Allen, daughter Nedra Davidson & her husband, Bob.  Six grandchildren: Rebecca (Ken), Tonia (Rob), Melanie (Justin), Kevin (Katie), Danny (Emilee) & Scott (Rachel) & 24 great grandchildren. He was proud to serve in the Navy for two wars, WWll & Korea.  Worked for the Union Pacific Railroad & 46 years at lime plants in Sloan & Apex.  Through much of his life he was also a professional photographer.  He loved hunting, fishing, bowling, golf, most sports, UNLV, BYU & Kentucky, Pepsi & Macayo’s.  He was devout in his faith in Christ & served faithfully in the LDS church from the time he joined.  He served 13 years at the LDS temple.  He had rustic country humor & loved to help anyone, even sometimes at great personal sacrifice.  A simple good man.

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