Jimmie Calvin Ansley

Jimmie Calvin Ansley died peacefully in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 3, 2017.  Jimmie was born in Pine Ridge, Arkansas on February 23, 1935 to Thomas T.O. Ansley and Laura Chambers Ansley.  He moved to New Mexico at age 14 and lived there most of his life.  

Jimmie Ansley was a farmer, truck driver, mechanic, welder, heavy equipment operator, son, brother, husband, Dad, Granddad and friend.  If something had a motor he could fix it. If it had wheels or tracks, he could drive it. He was a card carrying member of the NRA and NM Quarter Horse Association. He loved horses, fishing and his family.

He is survived by his children: Calvin (Gail), Parley (Dawn), Colleen (Marshall), Yolonda (Robin), and Tanya, his brothers Donnie Ansley and Ronnie Ansley, eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.  Jimmie was preceded in death by his parents Thomas (T.O.) and Laura Ansley, brother Lonnie Ansley, sister Earlene Martin and son Joseph Ansley.

Funeral service will be held Saturday, June 17 at 11:00 AM  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Ramah, NM. He will be interred in the Ramah Cemetery. 


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