Juana L Ruiz

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  • Veronica Jurewicz
    March 8, 2022 4:14 pm

    Aunt Juana was one of a kind. She had a beautiful spirit that radiated to her family near and far. The times we had together were few, but very special to me and my family. Adam loved the story where she was so thankful for him “saving her life” crossing a busy street in DC. She stayed by his side the entire day and they talked and laugh. She loved to the fullest! Her hugs and attentive nature will be cherished and carried on. I can here her say “Mija, your momma was a handful, don’t let her lie to you”She had that sweet way of leaning in to tell you something funny, or some juicy story about how she did not like what Elvis said. My mom always looked up to Aunt Juana like a mother. It’s so odd, every time I eat a pomegranate I think of aunt Juana… can someone explain that to me? (Next time I see everyone- I have a good story about my momma and pomegranates. Oh that Guera! Haha) To my cousins, I love you all and hold you close to my heart and in my prayers. Big Hugs from SC!!


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