Katherine Atterton


Having taken a sudden turn in health, Katherine Atterton was called back home to her Heavenly Father on 6/28/2019. Her husband Steve, one adopted brother, three girls, one boy, six step children, 9 grandchildren and 6 step grandchildren survived Katherine . She also raised and left 6 cats that were also family.  Kat loved to treasure hunt estate & yard sales. She also fashioned over 1000 necklaces, bracelets and earrings and sold them after her hobby became a business. She loved to play games with family, do movie quotes with her husband plan family get-togethers and spend summers as much as she could in water swimming. Kat also loved to work doing artwork in their family business with her husband.

Katherine was active in her church and will be missed by church friends and family.




My Eternal Sweetheart

What can a person say about the first time seeing your face

Yes, the one that lingers still near, that I cannot erase.

I know each feature and your smile engraved in my heart

I knew my eternal sweetheart, right from the very start

The way you held my hand with a surety of grace

To run fast in life and never lose the race

Your hold never wavered, your spirit guiding our love

As she prayed to the heavens for our journey above

I remember a late night whisper, “Is you love always for me?”

I said to my sweetheart, there’s no end I can see

You melted my heart with my spirit in tow

There’s only one place in eternity, for this love to go

Now not here, but hand in hand feeling strong

Palms held as one can never go wrong

I know we are one, though now far apart

Katherine my love, my eternal sweetheart

Steve Atterton/2019

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