Keith Louis Adams

Keith Louis Adams, 94, died April 19, 2017 in Danville, California. He was
born July 15, 1922 to Louis and Lillian Adams. He grew up in Logandale
Nevada and married Betty Jean Truman December 23, 1942 in St. George, Utah.

He is survived by his daughter Marsha (Gary) Redford, sister Colleen (Pete)
Nelson, and brother Elwyn (Verla) Adams. He is preceded in death by his
wife, daughter Brenda, and son Kenyon (Patricia) all residents of Las Vegas.

He served 3 missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:
Kane Pennsylvania Mission, Canada Toronto Mission, and the South Carolina
Columbia Mission.

“My father had a big heart and an even bigger personality. If he met you he
considered you to be a friend. Being the son of a dairy farmer, he loved all
things dairy especially buttermilk and ice cream, but no chocolate, thank
you. And if you wanted to win his heart, offer him a root-beer float. He
played the saw, never wore a long-sleeve shirt except to church, loved
big-band music and could ‘cut a mean rug’ with my mother – against who he
never won a game of Chinese checkers. Gardening was one of his favorite past
times and he took it seriously. Even in my small garden he produced bumper
crops. One of my favorite memories is of us taking fresh vegetables to my
neighbors. My father never spoke harshly to anyone or about anyone, and in
all my life did he ever even raise his voice to me.”

Funeral services will be Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 11:00am at the
Logandale LDS Chapel, 3245 North Moapa Valley Boulevard. Viewing is
scheduled at 10:00am,. Interment Logandale Cemetery.

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