Leonard Sobaski Jr.

Leonard Sobaski Jr. was born on Valentine’s Day, 1949.  He laid to rest on June 19, 2012.  He was born in Chicago, Illinois but lived his last 28 years in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Leonard Sobaski Jr. was a man that was greatly misunderstood. There were times where he was a difficult person to be around, but one thing that those closest to him could definitely say was that he loved his family. He may have showed it in a different way, but he always felt that he needed to protect his family. He was the first born of five children to two loving parents and took it as his job to protect his brothers and sister. He always put his children before himself and tried to provide them with the best possible life.  He was dealt many hardships, but fought with his head held high to his final day. 
He is survived by his three children, Heather Sobaski Curtin, Sarah Sobaski, and Joseph Sobaski, as well his younger brother, Clifford Sobaski, and younger sister Jan Sobaski.  He will take his place in Heaven with his father, Leonard Sobaski, his mother, Genevieve (Mateja) Sobaski, and two brothers, Craig and Keith Sobaski.
He will be dearly missed, but will live in our hearts forever.  His strength and courage is a source of inspiration for all and should not be forgotten.  May he rest in peace until the final day we all join him again.

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