Linda S. DeHart

linda-dehartLinda S. DeHart, 66, passed away in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday October 26, 2016.  She was born on September 10, 1950, to Sara and Harold Masdon, in Atlanta, Georgia. She also spent 22 years in northern Virginia and more recently moved to Las Vegas. Linda is survived by her beloved husband, Brian; son, Blair; and daughter, Lindsay.

With a strong spirit for life shared with immediate family, relatives and best friends, she also devoted a number of years to an organization called Small Paws Rescue. As an active Volunteer and on the Board of Directors for this wonderful organization, Linda loved finding new homes and families for rescued Bichons and established many unique friendships along the way.

The family requests that all gifts and memorials are in the form of donations to Small Paws Rescue.

Linda will be truly missed by everyone who knew her. “Rest in peace, Linda. You will remain in our hearts forever.”

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  • Robin Pressnall
    November 6, 2016 10:22 pm

    Dearest Brian, Blair, and Lindsay,
    I know your wife and Mom is in heaven with her Savior. I know this because she told me she was a Christian, shortly after we met. Lynda helped to get Small Paws Rescue off of the ground back in 1998. When we formed our Board of Trustees, she was an original member. Then, over the next 15 years she helped to fly over 5000 rescued Bichons to their new homes after she became our Airline Trasportation Secretary. .
    I will miss her infectious laughter, our late night conversations, and her wonderful sense of humor.
    Until we meet again. All My Love, Robin

  • Bonnie Ferguson
    November 6, 2016 10:32 pm

    The first time I spoke to Lynda, we were instant friends. She had a way of making you feel you had known her forever. Lynda loved to laugh and I loved listening to her laugh. It was infectious and you couldn’t help laughing with her.

    Lynda was one of the kindest, caring, and most loving people I have ever known. I miss her so much.

    Rest in peace, sweet Lynda.

    My condolences to you Brian, Blair and Lindsay, Bentley and Buddy.

    Bonnie Ferguson
    Director of Adoptions
    Small Paws Rescue

  • Brian, Blair and Lindsay- It breaks my heart that you have lost your beloved wife and mother. Lynda was so special, her laugh could light up a room. I am so happy I got to meet her and know her over the years with Small Paws. Rest in Peace Lynda I will always love and remember you.

  • Louie Bertolino
    November 7, 2016 8:28 am

    We are all so very sad at the loss of Linda. Those of us that knew her will always remember her kindness and laughter and all the love and help she gave to family, friends, and animals. God bless you Linda, and may God bless those you left behind.

  • Dear Brian, Blair and Lindsay: My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to each of you. We may not be related but know that John and I consider you part of our family. Lynda was such an inspiration to me. Through the years, we became phone buddies! We would chat almost every day for hours! Looking back over the last 12 years, our friendship developed into a long lasting relationship sharing stories about our childhoods, married lives and children. We laughed at times and sometimes cried on each other’s shoulders. I will never forget Lynda and will always admire her strength for life and love for all who surrounded her! I shall miss her every day. Godspeed my dear Lynda! Until we meet again someday to carry on our conversations!

  • Dale Pressnall
    November 8, 2016 10:25 am

    Brian, Blair and Lindsay. I can not imagine your pain at the loss of such a special person. I hope you can gain some comfort that she is now pain free and in the arms of Jesus.

  • Jeanne Christofferson & Monty (and Duffy in memories)
    November 10, 2016 12:06 am

    Linda’s dedication to Small Paws Rescue made it possible for many of us to receive our precious furry babies… it takes a lot of work and effort to coordinate such a program… I wish I had been able to meet her… she must have been a fantastic person. She was taken too soon… so sorry for your loss!!

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I never met Linda but she made arrangements to fly several foster Bichons and a couple that I adopted. She was so nice on the phone and on the email. Praying for your family.

  • connection bennington
    November 10, 2016 12:11 am

    RIP sweet lady all your babies and the unloved babies are with you.I respect and admire you

  • RIP Linda, now that you have your furbabies snuggled with you!

  • Blessings to the family, at this difficult time.

  • Bonnie Margolis
    November 10, 2016 12:34 am

    My deepest condolences to Lynda’s family and friends. SO very grateful for all the good she did for the animals.

  • I am so sad to hear of Lynda’s passing. Anyone could understand that part of her heart was Bichon, and she truly made a difference in this life. May there be comfort for her family and loved ones, knowing that she walks with Jesus, but also runs with the Bichons!

  • Deborah Svedman
    November 10, 2016 12:57 am

    I am a member, of sorts, of the Small Paws Rescue family. I never had the pleasure of meeting Lynda personally, but I do remember some phone conversations and emails with her because she was the one who arranged the transportation of adopted dogs. I’ve had three dogs from SPR for whom Lynda made such arrangements. She was so kind and very professional. Everything she planned worked seamlessly. Those three dogs crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years back, so I know Lynda is surrounded by all her furry friends plus those she helped. May her family receive comfort in knowing how much she meant to Small Paws, and may their memories of her help them through this sad time.

  • Pat and Joan Borders
    November 10, 2016 1:29 am

    We did not know
    the woman
    Never met the mother
    Or wife,
    Yet she reached us
    With an energy
    That brought our world
    New life.

    From countless little white dogs whose loving lives, one by one, were won by one. Thank you Brian, Blair and Lindsay so very much for sharing her with us.

  • My heart aches for each of you, but know that Lynda is not wanting you to be sad or hurting in her absence – as she is as close as your memories of her. I only met her one time, but had many occasions to discuss plans for one of the beloved Smallpaws dogs she helped thru the years. May Blessings and Bright Lights Guide and Comfort each of you during this Time of Transition.

  • Lynda was so kind and helpful. When I was working in Las Vegas she and her husband came to meet me, She loved my little girls! She and I worked together on many transports to and from the Bay area. I will miss her! So sorry for Brian and family. I know there is an empty spot where she was. Godspeed Lynda!

  • Peter and Linda Divergilio
    November 10, 2016 9:19 am

    Prayers and hugs for the Family left behind – appreciation and love for the fine person she was, and the wonderful devotion she gave in helping the causes she believed in. We only knew her through Small Paws, but that was certainly enough for us to understand what a remarkable and caring person she was.

  • Lynda made the flight reservations for my Libby (formerly Olivia Small Paws), who I’m sure ran up to greet her when she went home to meet our Lord and Savior. Bless Lynda and all her family for the great work she did with Small Paws. My continued prayers for healing and comfort to those left behind.

  • So sorry for the loss of your dear loved one. Death’s sting can often be hard to bear our creator helps us to cope with the promise written at Revelation 21:4 which says:”..death will be no more.., the former things have passed away.”

  • Christina Makridakis
    November 10, 2016 10:11 am

    To Lynda’s family I send my sincere condolences! Many years ago she arranged for my very special Bichon to be flown to me and that was such a Blessing! I’m certain many people appreciated her dedication to Small Paws! God Bless!
    Chris Makridakis

  • Sandra Gottlieb
    November 10, 2016 10:27 am

    My heart is breaking for your loss. Way back in 2001 Lynda fostered Mason and got him ready to fly him to us here in Houston. 16 and a half years later, Mason is still going strong. We so appreciate all that Lynda did for us, She was such a hard worker for SPR. She found her mission in life and she fulfilled it. Well done good and faithful servant. I never got to meet you face to face, but some day we will meet in heaven and I will give you a big hug for all you did for us and Mason, We love you!

  • Carole Schlemmer
    November 10, 2016 10:46 am

    I got acquainted with Lynda when I had to ship a few Bichons while fostering. She was always available and always listened to my concerns, She was a very pleasant lady and I am so sorry to see this listing for such a young lady… My condolences to her family.

  • Lynda played such a huge role in SPR, and her passion for bichon rescue was unquestionable. All of us who have been involved in foster or adoption have dealt with Lynda as she handled the travel for so many of our precious fluffs. She helped guide me through my first foster, a de-barked fella that I named Rudolf Barkentino, way back in August of 2002, on thru Ari, Vera Wang, bonded pair Chole & Nigel, to my current three puppy mill rescue girls, Betsy, Honey Bunch and Trixie. These are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of bichons who had a chance at a loving forever home thanks to Lynda’s transportation magic. I know that Ari, Chole & Nigel were all bouncing at the edge of the Rainbow Bridge eager to meet this champion for fluffs in need when she crossed.
    I am so very sorry for the loss that each of her loved ones feel today, and hold you close in prayer. We were all blessed to know Lynda.

  • My condolences on the tremendous loss of dear Lynda. Although we never met in person, I knew Linda through Small Paws and she arranged the flight for my rescue Bichon, Lila way back in 2000. Please know what a special lady Lynda was and how much her work meant to those of us humans, and especially the fluffs, who benefitted. I like to imagine that my Lila is now enjoying lots of snuggles in Lynda’s lap. Much love, Laura Croft, Fonzi & Rosie

  • Dear Brian, Lindsay and Blair – I knew your precious Mom through Small Paws. I worked with her as a transporter in Tulsa and spent time with her here when she came to our Bichon Bashes. I absolutely adored Lynda! She was fun to be around and uplifting to talk to. Definitely one of the special ones and the world is quieter without her. Please know that all of you are in my prayers for comfort and for peace. I cannot imagine your grief. But I know without a doubt that we’ll all be laughing with Lynda again soon.

  • When I first joined SPR, Lynda was my rock when, several times after rescuing a little fluff, I had to take him/her to the airport and watch them fly away to their forever home. Thank you Lynda. You will never be forgotten.

  • Dearest Brian, Blair and Lindsay, I am so sorry for your loss. Although I did not personally know Linda through Small Paws she was a great contributor. Working with her 12 years ago was an inspiration. Know we will meet again in heaven.

  • Michele Bullock
    November 10, 2016 12:41 pm

    We didn’t know Lynda but we know of her kindness, dedication to the rescue of Bichons and share that passion with her. She was a leader and follower whose tireless efforts benefitted many dogs, volunteers and adopted families. She touched many lives in such positive ways and while we have a hole only she could fill, we rest assured that she is swith loved ones in heaven across the rainbow bridge. Thank you for your service Lynda and also to her supportive family. Our deepest condolensces to her beloved family and prayers for your comfort during such grief.

    Cliff and Michele (Small Paws volunteers)

  • Brian, Blair and Lindsey – My sincerest condolences on the loss of Linda. She was a remarkable person and a blessing to both Small Paws and Humanity. Linda’s work with Small Paws benefited so many. It brought light and life to many who otherwise would have gone without. Thank you for sharing dear Linda. Blessings and prayers of comfort during your time of grief.

  • Like many Small Pawsers, I knew Lynda through coordination of flight arrangements. I will be eternally grateful to her for sending several very special dogs to and from me (adoptions and fostering). She was such an integral part of SPR, and it is hard to think of her ‘not here’ any more. But she will be in our hearts, and every time I see a travel crate, I’ll think of Lynda with a smile. I hope that your wonderful memories of Lynda as wife, mom and friend sustain you in the days ahead.

  • I didn’t know Lynda but her love for her family and her love for her SPR family speaks volumes about the kind of person she is. To help save that many dogs and to touch the lives of the families she served is a beautiful thing. Godspeed.

  • Dear linda. I’m sorry that I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing you personally. I have met you thought Robin’s living eyes. You were an amazing individual for all you did with Robin and her founding crew to build an amazing loving organization. Small Paws Rescue. I hope you receive many rewards in heaven for working with your heart to help these helpless children of God achieve health and the live they deserved. My deepest condolences to your loving family and your little fluff

  • My sincerest condolences. I did not have the honor of meeting any of the family but Small Paws has been an integral part of my life the last 16 months – having adopted 3 and fostered about 20 – including the dear sweet Molly I had almost from birth who is now in the loving hands of Blair. I thank Linda and the countless others who have made Small Paws what it is today and for the impact it has had on my life.

  • I was so sad to hear of Lynda’s passing. Many of us Small Paws rescue adopters and foster homes received our precious fluffs because of Lynda’s amazing work coordinating their travel. Her dedication, patience and persistence were just amazing. She never saw obstacles, only opportunities. And she was always willing to share her knowledge and experience to help others. I was once in a predicament involving a dog I had adopted out through another rescue. That dog ended up in Canada, and her adopter could no longer care for her. After Lynda talked me down off the ledge, she and I brainstormed until we had a workable solution for all involved. And this wasn’t even for a Small Paws dog! But that was Lynda: gracious, generous, caring. She was a lovely human being and she is very missed.

  • Loraine Thompson
    November 14, 2016 3:56 am

    Thanks to Lynda for her help for all the dogs. Such a wonderful way to spend part of her life.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I had many opportunities to talk with Lynda, as she would arrange transport for my foster fluffs for Small Paws Rescue. No matter how busy she was, or how tired, she showed her dedication to the fluffs. And still, she was happy to chat for a moment while working on flight arrangements! She will be sorely missed. You will be in my prayers.

  • Rosemary Bonacci
    November 14, 2016 9:31 pm

    Lynda coordinated adoptions for two of my bichons and I’ll never forget the support she provided every step of the way, from excited first emails to “group chats” once the babies landed. She embodied the heart and soul of Small Paws Rescue. I was very saddened to learn of her passing and extend my deepest sympathy to her family and her SPR family. May your memories of Lynda live in your hearts forever and bring you peace at this sad time. Rest in peace, Lynda. Thank you for making your time on this earth matter to so many people.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss of Lynda. As a member of the Small Paws Family, I know she was a loving and giving woman who cared deeply for family and little white fluffs! I hope your wonderful memories of her will bring you comfort during this most difficult time.

  • Teri Bartlett Lenard
    November 22, 2016 10:13 am

    My deepest sympathy for Lynda’s family. The sting of death is like no other pain to the loved ones left behind. May the Lord give you comfort and peace during this difficult time. She was a wonderful, selfless woman. She truly made a difference in this world.

  • I am going to miss you mom. You were always there for me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you and your support. You had one of the most contagious laughs I have ever heard. I am so glad you worked with Small Paws Rescue. Without your help, I would not have taken in Molly. She has brought my family so much joy and has brought us closer together. I love reading all the comments and how many lives you have touched along the way. I can’t wait until I see you again. We will have another laugh and talk about old times. You left us way too early, and I will always think of you. Thank you to everyone that has shown their support. My family truly appreciates it. I love you mom, and I will forever miss you.


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