Loren (Gary) Tucker

Loren (Gary) Tucker was born in Elgin, Illinois and passed away May 7, 2023 at the age of 74.

He is survived by his Mother Phyllis, and step-father Richard Muntjanoff.  His sister Cheri and Mike Payne, his brother Dale and Sonya Tucker.  His children, Jody Tucker, Melanie Tucker, Jenny and Juan Guzman.  His grandchildren Autumn Fiester, Jacob Tucker, Grace Guzman and Ava Guzman.

Gary was a Vietnam Veteran and was honorably discharged from the Army.  He loved his grandchildren, football, gambling, cashews , and Kid Rock.

He traveled the country trying to find someplace to call home.  He ended in Louisiana and was brought out to Nevada to be with family where he passed peacefully.

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