Mark Miller

Mark Miller, was a loving husband, father and grandfather. Mark was born on April 15, 1964 in the state of Ohio. After a long battle with cancer, his suffering came to a bittersweet end on August 27, 2022. His wife, Lerma and their two daughters, Jessica and Mai survive him. Mark’s passions in life were writing/composing music, riding motorcycles and the culinary arts. He joined the United States Navy in 1982 and served 24 years where he retired as a CPOS/E-8. During his service he participated in operations such as “Operation Iraqi Freedom” as well as receiving various medals and ribbons for his tours and personal achievements overseas. Fortunately, before his passing, he was able to travel to the Philippines where he had planned to retire with his wife and live out their remaining years together. Mark will be deeply missed by his friends, family and all who knew him.

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  • The Buckley SFB military Retiree Activities Office (RAO) would like to offer our sincere condolences and our gratitude for CPOS Miller’s 24 years of distinguished service to our country in the Navy. If you would like help with any matters related to casualty assistance, Defense Finance & Accounting Service, Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), Veterans Affairs (VA), etc. you can contact our office on Buckley SFB (Denver CO) at 720-847-6693 or The RAO is staffed by volunteers, all military retirees themselves, and our sole purpose is to provide assistance to any military retirees and surviving spouses/family members with anything related to their military service and/or benefits, in particular during difficult times such as this. We are deeply sorry for your loss.

    Steve Young
    Lt Col, USAF, Ret
    Director, Buckley SFB RAO


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