Marla Carr

It saddens us to announce the passing of our beloved wife, mother and grandmother, Marla Carr on April 20th 2018, at the age of 64. Marla went peacefully in her sleep at home, next to her husband, partner and friend, Larry Carr. On April 28th, Marla’s children, grandchildren, husband, and other close family, celebrated her memory in a memorial service fitting to her reserved and loving personality. The solace provided by family and friends was invaluable. We are grateful for the lifelong strength and wisdom Marla imparted on us all during this difficult time.

Marla leaves behind her loving husband, partner, and friend Larry. Their love was a love that spanned 50 years and never stopped growing. Together Marla and Larry created and raised four exceptional children; Amber Carr, Anna Jeakins (Kristofer), Jacob Carr (Mariko), And David Carr (Katrina). As a mother, Marla had no equal.

Marla also fiercely loved 7 grandchildren, each one a unique person and lasting legacy to her loving care. She was the very best grandma to; Emily Carr, Carter Jeakins, Jackson Jeakins, Davis Jeakins, Taro Carr, Elizabeth Carr, Parker Jeakins.

Each one of her children and grandchildren endeavors to exemplify her strength, her unconditional love, and her kind and creative spirit that she modeled every day. They are a testament to Marla’s incredible success in life.

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  • So sorry for your loss.  During this difficult time, find comfort in God’s thrilling promise found at Revelation 21: 3, 4 to soon wipe out every tear from our eyes, for death to be no more , and no more pain these things will be done away.  Knowing this promise I hope wiil give you the strength to endure.


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