Myrtle Jean Wilson

Myrtle Jean Wilson was born April 21, 1938 to  Elbert El and Bertha Wilson formerly Bertha McQueen in Cheraw, South Carolina. Myrtle had three brothers and one sister, as well as a host of nieces and nephews. She also had two daughters, Valerie Wilson- Boone and Kimberly L. Hogan. From her daughters, she had four grand children, Nicole Boone, Saraiah Uqdah, Tennyson Uqdah and Camiren Uqdah. Miss Myrtle also has two son-in-laws Mr. Timothy Boone and Mr Phillip Hogan. She worked as a lab animal researcher technician for the University of Pennsylvania for 25+ years. After retiring she spent time in her childhood hometown of Cheraw, South Carolina prior to settling in with her daughter Kimberly and son-in-law Phillip along with her grandchildren Saraiah, Tennyson and Camiren in San Diego, CA and then eventually the entire family moving to the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Myrtle enjoyed having a good time with family and friends. She was able to make friends easily with others  with her inviting personality and soft spoken way! She will surely be missed by all! She has touched so many of us with her optimism and examples of turning the other cheek in the face of adversity!

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