Nikki Weir

Nikki Chay Nakhan Weir of Henderson, passed away March 7, 2021. Nikki was born October 26,1975. She lived in California for most of her life and moved to Henderson in 2012 after meeting the love of her life. Nikki was full of life and she brightened the lives of everyone that she came in contact with.  Nikki had so much compassion for others and always went out of her way to make sure those in need were cared for.  She had an infectious smile and those who knew her adored her.  Nikki loved to travel and always enjoyed coordinating trips with friends and family.  Nikki is survived by her husband Dan Weir; son Jonathan Bunnag; father Lee Khiev Phlek; and sister Polly Vo. Nikki was a beautiful person and she will be greatly missed.

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