Oscar Pineda

unnamed-2My dad loved Salsa music, Coronas, Cuban food, and oh… pretty women. Oscar Pineda spread his wings at the early age of 47,  in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was a son, a father, a brother, a friend and a blessing to all those who knew him. My dad was a man of god. Crazy, but a man of god. He exuded light and positivity in all situations and he cared about everyone without exceptions. His humanity and warmth made him someone special. Through sickness and health he was an outstanding father. He loved his princess and he made sure she knew it. My dad was intelligent, a talented salesman, and an renowned chef… the man could cook. He was a giving person. He gave, even when he didn’t have much. My dad had the soul of a child …mischievous, but always with good intentions. He was spontaneous. He lived his life day by day and his spirit was wild and free. He was lively. His smile was genuine and his laughter was contagious. He was honest. My dad knew that the truth, no matter how harsh it was, was better than a lie. He was compassionate. He took off his jacket and put it on the back of someone who needed it more. He was funny. Anybody that knew him, could testify that my dad had the best jokes… or sometimes he laughed so hard at his own jokes, and that alone made the milk come out of your nose. My daddy was all of these things, but most importantly, he was loving. He showed us real love. Timeless love. It is hard to forget someone who gave us so much to remember. Although his absence will never be easy to cope with, it is needless to say that my dad is now in peace wrapped in god’s loving arms. He will forever be in our hearts…until we meet again.

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