Punipuao Liufaub

Punipuao Liufau had been sick for a very long time. She was under care of her older sister Tiana and her family in Las Vegas, Nevada at their home, where Punipuao passed on July 11, 2023. Punipuao Liufau was born from godly parents: Aunuua Liufau and Creamtina McMoore Liufau, from the village of Aua, American Samoa, in the year of our lord January 7, 1956.

Punipuao Liufau married to Pule Taetuna, and bore 3 childeren: Tiva Tuuga; Antone Taetuna and Pinky Vole.

Punipuao Siblings

Repeka Taula (F/D)                                                          McMoore Liufau (M)

Etisone King (M)                                                               Lane Liufau (M/D)

Hazel Lance (F/D)                                                             Etisone Liufau (M/D)

Tiana Manutai (F)                                                             Joe Liufau Kaulave (M)

Punipuao Liufau (F/D)                                                    Poe Liufau (M)

Tuaoloa Liufau   (F/D)                                                     Leilua Liufau (F/D)

Susana Liufau (F/D)                                                         Savali Semala (F)

Enesi Sio (M)                                                                      Hameti Finaub (M)


Swim, Riding Bikes, Volley ball and especially Singing and Dance.

Her wish was to be with her children and family forever.

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