Rafael Hernandez Gatchalian

Rafael Hernandez Gatchalian
February 25, 1956-June 22, 2012

After a long battle from a Hemorrhagic Stroke at the age of 56, Rafael Hernandez Gatchalian was granted his angel wings on June 22nd, 2012. His last days were spent with his loving family in Las Vegas Nevada to whom have witnessed how much of a man of valor he was. He died with dignity and braveness, and even in the absence of words, you would know how good of a survivor and a fighter he was. Never did he show a sign of weakness or struggle,even the greatest pain he would try to conceal so the family will not see or feel…a shining example of a courageous warrior whom the family owe the deepest respect with.
A memorial service was held at La Paloma Funeral Services on June 27, 2012  in Las Vegas which has been attended by his family and friends whom he had touched in a lot of ways throughout his memorable life. Until the end, people has proven how good of a person he has been, with that overflowing attendance, love, prayers and thoughts and support you would know how much he is being loved.
A loving husband, a father who would try his best to give everything to his children and the family, a good son, a caring brother, a darling to his grandchildren,a joker, a best friend who would do anything for a friend, A GREAT MAN. That’s how he has lived his life.
Rafael Gatchalian is survived by his wife of  29 years, Olivia Gatchalian,his children: Ivy & Niki,Janice & Dandy, Gretchen & Michael, Bonevie, April & Hanz and 4 grandchildren, Stephanie Ranee,Sean Maverick,Kirsten Chloe and Hanrich Rafael.
He will always be remembered be missed and will be in our hearts through infinity… To our Lord God, Thank You for the Gift of Rafael Gatchalian–A treasure that we all will cherish forever!

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  • Bernice Slaughter
    July 6, 2012 5:05 pm

    Was sorry to read aboute the los of your dear loved one. Death is very sad experience in life. Many wonder, why? The Bible teach that death pased on to al men because of adam’s sin.-romans 5:12. In facte the Bible teach that Jehová God is the source of life.-psalmos 36:9. In the near future Jesús wil bring the dead back to life and ate this time the Bible teach “death wil be no more.”-john 5:28,29;revelation 21:4. Yes Rafael as this ope of living again in paradise.-psalmos 37:1,29


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