Robert Alan Marcil

Bob Marcil passed away in Las Vegas on August 19, 2012 at the age of 58. He was incredibly intelligent, and also wise enough to retire early from the stresses of daily work in the BioTech field in San Diego. This allowed him to pursue his passions: road trippin’, hiking, camping, travelling, and, in essence, to live the Beat Life like a modern-day Jack Kerouac forever ON THE ROAD, both literally, and in his mind. His Las Vegas friends and neighbors have honored his life by tying his favorite road-trippin’ scarf around the sturdy trunk of the tree outside his condo. It is now a sacred tree. A holy spirit, just like Bob.

This picture of Bob was from ten years ago, when he was helping his father to pass peacefully into the light, to return to the clouds of stardust. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.

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  • rip, bro. vana and I will miss you. you always sold yourself short, but you were in fact a legend.

  • bob- We all love you. I will never forget all the times we shared – Rus and I. May you rest in peace with your brother and father.

  • When we went for a tour of the university last year all you talked about was your Mom and sister and how you wanted to help them. Your focus was definitely on your family. Godspeed, my friend.

  • John and Edie Barger
    September 6, 2012 4:14 pm

    May you now rest in peace Bob. Our thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones.
    John and Edie Barger

  • You made an impact on more lives than you know, giving help whenever needed and asking for nothing in return from the time you got me through my Chemistry class at Foothill college, drove with me to my first day at UCSD, fixed my cars, fixed my house until 1 year ago when you gave me this advice: “Stay busy, take care of your children, travel often, keep in touch with your friends!” We had some good times, diving for abolene, road trip to Canada, camping in Hawaii. You always were a free spirit and I’m better off that you were my friend.

    • If you know what happened let me know. I want to pass it on to a lot of other people that worked with him over the years at Invitrogen.


  • Many people know that Bob was a bit of a genius in the laboratory, but maybe some of you don’t. He worked for Invitrogen (Life Technologies) for a large part of his biotech career. He was totally responsible for the final work (they were licensed technologies but Bob made them work) on two of Invitrogen’s major products, TA Cloning vectors, and TopoTA Cloning Vectors.

    These products revolutionized the cloning of PCR products, which means he revolutionized cloning. The technique was so reliable that it has taken over the world of gene cloning. Which means that Bob’s work in the lab is touching the lives of anyone who benefits from today’s molecular biology research; both scientists and patients.

    I want to make sure this makes it onto his obituary, and tombstone.

    He did much much more, but those products helped make Invitrogen, and changed the world.

    Thank you Bob
    From all of us that enjoyed your presence at Invitrogen all those years; we hope your found what you were looking for.
    May your rest in peace.
    Lyle C. Turner
    Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Invitrogen (Life Technologies) for his entire time at the company.


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