Rodolfo Francisco Cataulin

Rodolfo Francisco Cataulin, 90, passed away peacefully on Friday, 13th of December 2019 at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rody joined Philippine Air Force and retired as General. He enjoyed his leisure time bu playing lawn tennis, solving crossword and sudoku puzzles, playing the violin and watching movies. He was married to Zenaida del Rosario.

He was survived by his children Enrique, Olivia, Jocelyn, Selina and Manuel;  sons in law :Larry and Anthony; grandchildren Ralph and Haydee,  Annie, Ozel, Lorrenz, Milena, Gabby, Janeen and Jasmine; greatgrandchildren Gem, Louis, Princess, Ralph and Enzo. He lived life to the fullest and made everyone happier just by knowing him. He will be remembered with a smile.

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