Ronald Beadle

Ron was a drummer with the NORAD band while serving in the Air Force having reached the rank of Sargent. He was a drummer with the Ice Capades for many years, where he met his wife Mary who was the company secretary. He loved football, his favorite team was the New Orleans Saints.  Ron and Mary enjoyed travel, mostly cruises. He enjoyed reading and talking with friends on Facebook.

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  • For many years I tried to find out what happened to Ron Beadle the drummer; also his first wife Heather(and their daughter) Are they still among the living? If not I would be deeply saddened. Ron and I were in the NORAD Band together. He was a very fine drummer as we selected him to join our semi-official combo, The NORAD Nomads (later simply “The NOMADS”. My instrument was the Sanovox organ & Hammond Organ We were a very successful performing group.I have a few photos of Ron while in our group as well as one good recording we made on our own.Other NORAD band/Nomad members were: Ed Kiefer,Fender Bass, Sam Bader, Trombone, Ed Barlow, Reeds and our featured civilian vocalist, Becky Love.
    I don’t know about Becky but the others are now deceased. I would love to know what happened to Ron Beadle and his family.
    SMSGT (USAF ret.)
    Mike Chladek


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