Sergio Miramon Trujillo

Sergio Miramon, beloved father, brother, and uncle passed away peacefully in February 1, 2022, age 53.

Sergio born on February 7, 1968 in Xonacatlan, Toluca, Mexico. He came to the United States in 1987 and lived in San Diego. Sergio was a carpenter and helped construct many buildings in the city. He continued to work hard in San Diego where he met the mother of his children, Alejandra Mendoza and created his beautiful family. Sergio was man of many talents. Sergio had a love for all of the good things in life. He enjoyed learning new things, driving, traveling, and fine dining. Sergio came to Las Vegas in 2018 where he resided in these past few years.

Sergio is survived by his children, Stacy Miramon, Sergio Miramon Jr. and Kiara Miramon.

He is preceded in death by his loving parents, Dionico Miramon and Josefina Miramon.

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