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Planning a funeral can be difficult. According to the National Funeral Directors Association the average funeral costs $6,500. La Paloma provides simple and affordable choices by offering complete funeral and cremation packages. To help ease the burdens at this tender moment, we can meet in your home if needed.

When you let La Paloma assist in your funeral and cremation planning services, you have many choices available to you, no matter which cemetery you select. Did you know that, if you’ve already purchased a plot from a cemetery with a funeral home, you do not need to use that home for your services? And if you still need a plot, we can help with that, too, through our network of cemeteries.

La Paloma offers a beautiful chapel and reception hall for your services as well. Let our caring specialized staff help you plan all aspects of your service. If necessary, we can even make arrangements to ship your loved one to another state or country (Traslados a Mexico y Centroamerica).

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Custom Funeral Planning

Your choice in funeral ceremonies can be as individual as the person whose life you are honoring.
Please reach out to one of our thoughtful funeral advisors for the guidance and support you need to plan the most meaningful celebration of your loved one’s life.

Worldwide Shipping

We handle all the arrangements of shipping. We specialize in shipping to Latin America and the Philippines.

Whole Body Donations

Tissue donation programs support medical education and research. The generous gift of the body after death is a compassionate alternative to a traditional funeral. Each donation is highly valued and treated with humanity, compassion and respect. Most people are eligible for donation regardless of their age, disease or state of health. Tissue donation programs are no cost to the family and include the cremation. Please contact us for more information.

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“Paloma Funeral Services was there for me every step of the way as I went through one of the hardest moments in my life, laying my husband to rest. Every single person I encountered from the initial first phone call to the day I picked up my husband’s ashes treated me with so much compassion and grace.”

-Maly, Las Vegas, NV