Sherry Murphy

?Sherry Murphy?


Sherry is survived by her husband of 64 years, Frank Murphy, and her 3 sons: Francis Chou, Frank Roy Murphy and Bruce Steven Murphy, and her 3 grandsons: Francis Billy Chou, Dennis Hope Chou, and Tristan Arman Murphy.

Sherry was Petite, Caring, Kind, Beautiful, Generous, Endearing, Lovely, Unselfish, Devoted, Captivating, Intelligent, and Sharp-Witted. She was an unrivalled super mother, instructor, friend and pal whose love was limitless with infinite kindness. She always cared for all of the people around her. She was the best of all of us. Even in the toughest moments of pain, she would only say AIEOU (ai-yo). She always gave money away, it was her fun to make others happy; until they tried to take advantage, we’d have to tell her to stop with that particular person. She knew the Lord Jesus, for to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Eternity with Jesus is indescribably better than the short time we have on this fallen earth, thanks to Almighty God.

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