Thomas Junior Payne

Thomas Junior Payne was a loving, kind, humble, compassionate, funny and beloved
Husband, father, uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Married to Vila Mae Hammer on June 24, 1946, the two were inseparable and were
in love until the very end. Despite the many challenges that befell them, they were
the ideal model of a loving, respectful and enduring marriage of equals to all who
knew them. He passed away from a broken heart on November 2, 2012.

Born December 31, 1919, Tom enjoyed having a good time with friends and family.
He was particularly fond of celebrating his birthday with loved ones on New Year’s
Eve and held a memorable 80th birthday party in Reno and a 90th birthday party in
Las Vegas.

He was a free spirit and held independent views, often challenging the norms and
bringing a wise and thoughtful view to almost any issue. He was a pillar of support
to his family and he will be missed dearly.

He is survived by his sons Bob and Bill, sister Shirley, her husband Wayne; his in-
laws, with whom he was very close: Marvin, Sharon, Bill, Norman, Sonja, Beverly,
Nancy, Nid, Susan, Michael; his grandchildren Tamara, Heidi, Isaac, Emily, Rachel,
Kirsten, Jonathan and his great-grandchildren: Zoe, Frankie, Devon Rose and many
nieces and nephews: Mark, Janet Lee, Steven, Donna, Wayne, David, Charlotte,
Carolynn, John, Joshua, Luke, Rachel, Carol, Matthew, Daniel, Heather, John, Christie,
Clark, Monte, Carina, Kathleen, Clare, Gavin and Steve.

In keeping with the spirit of his wishes, we would all like to offer up a toast:

“Here’s to you, Tom!”

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  • Cheers! Grandpa… You handsome Fella!! Boy did we have fun at your wake! I think of you every day and I hope your happy where ever you are. Thanks for the lifetime of love and memories. I will cherish our last days together forever!

  • May the hope of Psalms 34:18 bring the Payne family much comfort during this time, God’s word assures us that he sees the difficulties and hard times that we go through. He will help you and your family in this time of sorrow. We can also look forward to a time when death will be no more (Revelation 21: 3, 4). Taking in accurate knowledge of the living God Jehovah assures us better times ahead.


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