Tilofai M. Saleapaga

Tilofai M. Saleapaga, known to most as “Casey”, age 73, passed away at Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, March 31, 2018 after a 15-month battle with lung cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange.
He is survived by his wife, Rose, two daughters, Valasi and Solofua, and two grandchildren.
Born in American Samoa to Tilofai and Mekala Saleapaga, he grew up there amongst eight other siblings.  Tilofai later joined the Army and served for 24 years receiving an honorable discharge in 1991.  Tilofai was a veteran of the Vietnam War.  After retiring from the military, he worked as a clerk with the Postal Service for 22 years.  He was proud of his Samoan heritage, loved watching football, and had strong faith in Christian principles.  He will be buried at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

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  • After God removes wickedness and suffering, the earth will be transformed into a paradise. Then people will be able to live forever in perfect health and happiness. God’s Word foretells: “[God] will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.”—Revelation 21:4.
    In that new world, even dead ones will be brought back to life to share in those blessings: “There is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Acts 24:15) That is why Jesus Christ could tell a repentant evildoer who expressed faith in him: “You will be with me in Paradise.”—Luke 23:43.
    I hope these thoughts provide some comfort during this difficult time.


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