What Are Visitations Like Before Cremation?

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Even if you make the huge decision to have cremation services in Las Vegas, NV for a loved one’s final services, there are other decisions to make around that service. Some people go with direct cremation, which means there are no services before the cremation takes place. They can then have whatever kind of memorial service they want at any time they want to have it after the cremation portion of the service is complete. But others want to do something for their loved ones before the cremation, like have a visitation. Here are some pieces of information to let you know what visitations are like before cremation.

Similar To Pre-Funeral Visitations

When you have a visitation before cremation, it can feel very similar to a pre-funeral cremation. Your loved one might go through the embalming process, if you so choose, so they look nice and are well preserved for the visitation. They appear at the funeral home in a casket and visitors can approach or just speak with the family. Once the visitation is complete, the family can either have a full funeral or proceed with cremation and then have something after that part of the process is complete.

Open Houses

Visitations before cremation, just like before a funeral, are more open houses than anything. You can come and go as you please. You don’t have to be there at any exact time and you don’t have to stay the whole time. Most people will drop by and stay for fifteen minutes to half an hour. They will visit with the family, see the person who passed on, pay their respects, and move on with their day. It’s best not to overwhelm the family be overstaying.

To Gather Support

Some families will decide to have visitation for their loved ones before cremation to gather support from others. It’s a nice way to allow the community to gather together, see your loved one the last time, and for everyone to be surrounded by people who care about that special person.

A Way To Get Closurecremation services in Las Vegas, NV

Visitations can be huge in helping along the closure process. The closure is something you have to have when you grieve if you want to move forward. You need to understand the person who has died is gone and is not coming back. Visitations, during which you see the person in the casket, can give you and others just that.

Saying A Final Goodbye

It’s hard to say a final goodbye, but visitations offer a good opportunity to do just that. People can approach the casket and speak to your loved one or just say goodbye in their hearts. It can offer a final word and a chance to say those last things.

When you are planning cremation services in Las Vegas, NV for a loved one, you will want to consider other services you might have around that cremation, like a visitation or perhaps a memorial service. The professionals at La Paloma Funeral Services can show you the options.

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