What Pictures To Use At Cremation Services

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If you are going to have cremation services Henderson, NV for a loved one, and them want to have a memorial service for them at the funeral home, there are lots of ways you can make their services unique and special. One thing most families like to do is include pictures in the day so everyone can see and remember their loved one the way they were. Here are some of the pictures you might want to consider using.

Individual Photos Of Your Loved One

It’s nice to have a large, individual picture of your loved one, perhaps at the front of the room near their urn. It gives everyone something to look at and it’s a good idea to have the picture be something that is a bit more recent so everyone remembers your loved one as they were. You can scatter other individual photos throughout the room as well for different eras.

Family Shots To Show Their Love

Your loved one was part of a family. Whether they had kids or brothers and sisters or others, it’s nice to have family shots so those who come to support certain elements in the family can see where that person fits in with the person who passed on. IT also shows the generation that the person is leaving behind and things they have created in their lifespan. It can be very special to see those happy family shots.

Photos You Feel They’d Like

You want to approach any photo you consider using with care and ensure it is something your loved one would appreciate. You don’t want to put up a bad picture of them unless you know they would laugh along with you and appreciate the fact that everyone takes bad pictures every now and then. Place pictures that you feel shows their spark and that they liked. That might mean pictures of them fishing or doing other things they liked or pictures of them blowing bubbles with the kids.

Recent Shots

IT’s nice to have some recent photos of your loved one scattered about so everyone knows that they lookedcremation services Henderson, NV like that at the time of their death. There might be some friends who haven’t seen them in years and it’s nice for them to see something recent that shows what their friend looked like.

Lifespan Pictures To Show Changes

IT’s also nice to show your loved one’s changes over the years with pictures that represent different ages in their life. You might have someone who knew them in high school, but hasn’t seen them since, and wants to honor them. They will recognize the high school shots and be able to see their aging progression from there. It can also show how full and happy your loved one’s life was.

When you are working on cremation services Henderson, NV and what to include pictures at the memorial, the professionals at La Paloma Funeral Services can help you with advice and suggestions the whole way through.

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