Zachary A. Cummings

It was written in the stars the night we met that I shall never forget the way you smiled made the moon dance so wild. Now as you stretch your wings across the sky just rememeber you will always be my drummer guy.
Love Shaunna Szabo

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  • Zakk was an amazing drummer,guitar player,keyboard player and singer. He could draw amazingly when he wanted too adn He loved skating with his friends when he was not working at Pizza Hut. He will be missed very much.

    • Eva Cummings
      March 18, 2014 8:06 pm

      this is Eva im Zakks little cousin…i dont really know what to say…i guess i just wanted to get this off my chest…i miss him…he was like my big brother and i never told him i looked up to him like that. i didnt see him like 5 years before what happened..never got to say goodbye and that i loved him…i just miss him so much…sorry…i know youre thinking wow random..but i miss him like crazy…


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